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Our name says it ALL... We are CRAZY for cute puppies!! 


We have found the perfect little cute puppy app on Google Play for Android! It's called 1001 Cute Puppy Pictures, and ITS name sums it up. Want an app with thousands of cute puppy pictures? Yep we found it for you!! SOOOO many crazy cute little puppies to enjoy - you can change your phone and tablet wallpapers daily, share them with friends, or check it out when you just need a smile. These little pups are sure to brighten your day. The app is based off the Tumblr blog "The Daily Wag" which I also love and follow, and the pictures are updated in real time, so new pictures are added HOURLY!!!  The largest and most adorable collection of fur & fluff, pudgy paws and waggin tails around. Cute,cute, cute!!!! E'nuff said. Check it out! :))  YOUR WELCOME! 

Link to more CUTE than you can stand ------> https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.the.dailywag




Cute Puppies Blog

12/14/2013 05:51
I'll start off the blogging fun with my pup! He truely is one of a kind, and the best little fur kid I could ever ask for ... (proud MOM alert!) lol Meet Hachi. The Lhasa Apso Mix who licks the air when he's happy, which is 24/7 =P  To get him going, just talk to him cutesy, give him a belly...